• Beyond Conventional Computing

    Metacomp Technologies develops and disseminates simulation software and services in multiple physics areas including fluid dynamics, aero and hydro acoustics, structural mechanics and electrostatic paint deposition. Our technology focus is devoid of hype but offers significantly broad and deep capabilities in many application areas of interest to scientists, engineers, technologists and educators. Metacomp Technologies has the Independence, Conviction and Value System for a sustainable and satisfying relationship with our customers. We welcome you to learn more about us through these web pages.
  • Accuracy, Reliability, Speed, Generality and Specificity

    CFD++ is based on unified grid, unified physics and unified computing methodology in an advanced numerical discretization and solution framework. The infrastructure is very general and allows the software to be effective in a broad variety of application areas, but the algorithmic and physical modeling implementation details allow the software to remain very good in even specific domains. Read More
  • Beyond Unsteady Aerodynamics

    CAA++ is a comprehensive suite of tools for simulating aeroacoustics problems. Designed to synergistically complement CFD++, CAA++ provides the user with an extended set of analytical and numerical methods to simulate the generation and transmission of sound waves through fluids. Read More
  • Structural Mechanics and Flow Structure Interaction

    CSM++ Introduces a new level of multidisciplinary analysis and design capability! Designed, from the outset, to work seamlessly with CFD++, to carry out Multi-Physics simulations involving fluid flows, acoustics, structural deformations and heat transfer. Read More
  • Multipurpose Intelligent Meshing Environment

    MIME can help make purpose-driven meshes for all our application areas (fluid dynamics, conjugate heat transfer, aeroacoustics, structural mechanics). Its built-in intelligence helps automatically choose boundary layer spacings and more. MIME provides you with a method of meshing the native CAD model directly, without the need for translation. MIME works with all CAD systems that can produce solid model formats. Read More
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Metacomp Technologies is a leading provider of software tools for major aerospace, defense, and automobile manufacturers, many government labs and research organizations, universities as well as other companies that require complex modeling for research, troubleshooting analysis, and product development. featured-4 

Metacomp Technologies offers significant scientific and technical resources for software development and consulting work.  With plenty of computing power, Metacomp’s teams of consultants are senior level engineers and scientists, consisting of CFD and structural analysts who are also experts in CAD geometry development and mesh generation for very challenging geometries and applications.  Consulting services from Metacomp Technologies provides cost savings by minimizing design costs, allowing companies to obtain solutions to problems that require superior experience and expertise and possibly, large computing resources.


Metacomp Technologies has built its reputation not only through market-leading software functionality, but also through the Speed and Quality of its customer support. Unlike some other, larger competitors, Metacomp Technologies doesn’t use call centers – it supports its products with software engineers who have a deep, hands-on understanding and knowledge of how to apply its products in very tough testing and modeling scenarios. During the last few years, Metacomp also developed a reputation in the industry for being able to provide solutions for problems that other software companies had failed to resolve.  featured-3


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