Metacomp's unified vision for Multi-Physics simulations which simplifies the complexities of individual disciplines.
Integral Computational Multi-Physics
Metacomp's unified vision for Multi-Physics simulations which simplifies the complexities of individual disciplines.
ICMP provides an integral umbrella for all of Metacomp's Software Suites including CFD++, CSM++, CAA++, MIME, MetaFSI and more.
What is ICMP?
Real world effects in accurate computing environment
What is ICMP?
  • Multi-Physics modeling
  • Provides unified environment for all Metacomp Products
  • Simplified, user friendly workflows
  • Intelligent mesh generation; best mesh suitable for given problem
  • Management of CAE workflow including handling related data
  • Metadata related to anlyses saved automatically to MetacompBASE
  • One learning curve for all Metacomp products
  • Easily generalizable and customizable
  • Syngineered for the bottom up
CFD with generality, accuracy, speed and reliability
ICFD++ Simplifying complexities
CFD with generality, accuracy, speed and reliability
  • Compressible and Incompressible fluids, Unsteady and Steady flows
  • Large range of speed regimes including low speeds through subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic speeds
  • Various equations of state (incompressible, barotropic, calorically perfect gases, real gas treatment, cubic equations of state, etc.)
  • Multiphase effects (dispersed, homogenous, distinct) and Full Multiphase modeling
  • Cavitation effects
  • Sliding/Moving, Patched/Overset meshes
  • 6 DOF/Moving Bodies
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • High Speed/Low Speed Reacting Flows
  • Supercritical Flows
  • Multi-Speed Problems
  • Free Surfaces (VOF) and Fronts (flames, shocks, etc.)
  • Radiation Modeling
  • Advanced Turbulence Models
  • Mesh Improvement/Morphing
  • Mesh Adaptation using MIME
  • Algorithmic treatment of “bad” mesh cells
  • Efficient scalability to thousands of CPU core
Structural Mechanics reimagined
Strong Standalone & FSI capabilities
Structural Mechanics reimagined
ICSM++ can be used to solve static or dynamic structural problems including large deformations and temperature induced stresses.
Fluid Structure Interaction made simple
Integral link between CFD and CSM
Fluid Structure Interaction made simple

ICSM++, ICFD++ and MetaFSI provide a general Fluid Structure Interaction capability that allows different grids suitable for each domain.

MetaFSI ensures accurate transfer of loads from ICFD++ boundaries to the corresponding ICSM++ boundaries, and also morphs the ICFD++ grid.

Link with other CSM softwares available.

<h1>Metacomp and its software:</h2> An  <STRONG>Integral</STRONG> part of your excellence
An Integral part of your excellence

Metacomp and its software:

An  Integral part of your excellence

ICMP motivated and enabled the creation of a new common infrastructure for developing interfaces efficiently for all Metacomp products. The resulting interfaces share common features and functionalities as well as look and feel. They use a very intuitive and simple guided process for setting up the problem definition and controls.

ICMP also provides productivity enhancements that help store and search simulation metadata.

Industries we serve
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Wind Energy
  • Medical
  • Turbomachinery
A cost effective solution to Aeroacoustics & noise prediction
Ready for tonal & broadband noise
A cost effective solution to Aeroacoustics & noise prediction
  • NLAS: Non-Linear Acoustics Solver
  • Hybrid RANS/LES Models
  • Lighthill Solver
  • FWH Solver
  • Far field directivity
  • Digital signal processing tools
  • Sub-domain and Re-interpolation tools
Multipurpose Intelligent Meshing Environment
Syngineered by the Solver People
Multipurpose Intelligent Meshing Environment
  • 3D and 2D unstructured meshes
  • CAD geometry import
  • Volume density regions
  • Surface and volume mesh analysis tools
  • Prismatic layers
  • Tetrahedral or hex core volume meshing
  • Curvature-based refinement
  • Ability to handle large meshes
  • Powerful, yet simple to use
Commercial airline manufacturers use ICFD++ for design.  Aerodynamic loads on complete airplane can be computed with accuracy.
American Eagle design of the next land-speed challenger
High speed re-entry of an Apollo capsule
Computational aero-acoustics
Aero-acoustics of a car mirror
Counter rotating propellers
Geometry change due to extreme heating at very high speed computed using ICSM++ and ICFD++
AIAA Drag Prediction Workshop results
F18 store separation application using ICFD++ overset meshing technology
Improving golf ball aerodynamics with ICFD++
High speed propulsion including chemistry
AIAA High Lift workshop validation
Indy car automotive flows
Rotor 57 verification case
Saccon aerodynamics