Training & Education

The standard training course includes a two day full overview of the program, with emphasis on the graphical user interface (GUI) style and the interaction process of ICFD++ case set-up and also tools for pre and post processing of solutions. Through demonstrations and interactive tutorials, this course also covers the most frequently used commands for various CFD problem types. Hands-on experience focuses on getting the most out of ICFD++ as quickly as possible. This course assumes no prior experience using ICFD++ and is suitable for all experience levels. Metacomp Technologies' research staff is highly trained in many scientific and engineering disciplines including numerical algorithms, physics modeling and turbulence modeling. The company offers educational services in the following areas:
  • Turbulence Modeling and its use in CFD
  • Numerical algorithms and techniques
  • Numerical methods for the compressible and incompresible fluid Navier-Stokes equations
We offer training for our software suites
  • Training for ICFD++, Metacomp's Computational Fluid Dynamics Software Suite
  • Training for ICAA++, Metacomp's Computational Aeroacoustics Software Suite
  • Training for ICSM++, Metacomp's Computational Structural Mechanics Software Suite
  • Training for IMIME, Metacomp's Multipurpose Intelligent Meshing Environment
  • Training for MetaFSI, Metacomp's Fluid Structure Interaction framework

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Introduction to CFD++ (2 days)

  • Governing Equations
  • Numerical Framework in CFD++
  • ICFD++ Data Organization
  • ICFD++ Cell Types
  • ICFD++ Input and Output Files
  • Boundary Conditions
  • Initial Conditions
  • Turbulence Models
  • Multi-Species and Reacting Flows
  • ICFD++ Tools
  • ICFD++ Graphical-User Interface
  • Example Cases

Advanced Turbulence Modeling (1day)

This one day class utilizes the advanced turbulence models in ICFD++ and their applications.

Advanced Combustion Modeling (1 day)

Advanced combustion modeling using CFD++ applications

Aeroacoustics (1day)

  • Governing Equations
  • ICAA++ GUI
  • Example Cases

Mesh Generation IMIME (1 day)

  • Geometry interfaces
  • Surface mesh generation
  • Volume mesh generation
  • Mesh size control