About Us

Metacomp Technologies develops and disseminates simulation software and services in multiple physics areas including fluid dynamics, aero and hydro acoustics, structural mechanics and electrostatic paint deposition. Our technology focus is devoid of hype but offers significantly broad and deep capabilities in many application areas of interest to scientists, engineers, technologists and educators.

Metacomp Technologies has the independence, conviction and value system for a sustainable and satisfying relationship with our customers. Metacomp Technologies’ software products set the pace in the CFD marketplace with their unique combination of: Accuracy, Reliability, Performance and Versatility.

Metacomp Technologies is a leading provider of software tools for major aerospace, defense, and automobile manufacturers, many US government labs, research organizations and companies that require complex modeling during research and development.

Our History

  • Founded in 1994
  • Staff members are pioneers in CFD research
  • Strong algorithm to applications experience
  • Metacomp provides complete solutions for its customers

Our Goals

  • At Metacomp Technologies, all of us are dedicated to one preeminent goal: to make a positive impact on our customers.
  • We do this by developing a three way interaction and partnership between our customers' people and processes, our people and processes, and our products and services.
  • Our customers consistently find that they are better off for having worked with Metacomp. We focus on impacting the state of practice, not just being clever with the state of the art.

Beyond CFD

  • Metacomp Technologies, consistent with its name, is not just a CFD company.
  • Our current product mix includes ICFD++ (Computational Fluid Dynamics), ICAA++ (Computational Aero Acoustics), IMIME (Mesh Generation), ICSM++(Computational Structural Mechanics.), MetaFSI (Fluid Structure Interaction)
  • Each product line begins with a plentiful list of features and benefits and each subsequent release adds more.

Metacomp's Vision

  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of algorithms(numerical), architectures(computer), and applications areas (physics).
  • To translate breadth and depth of experience into comprehensive customized solutions based on general (not restricted) formulations.
  • To employ a hierarchy of computational platforms, physics models, communications networks and software paradigms
  • To serve our customers and fulfill a variety of engineering needs
Monday, June 17, 2024