Mesh generation from CFD solver folks

IMIME is unique in that it was conceived and developed by people who also developed CFD++. It was designed by the "Solver People" to solve fluid dynamics problems effectively.

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What is IMIME?


Robust Mesh Generation with IMIME

IMIME has been used to robustly create meshes for a very wide variety of applications including internal and external flows, aerospace, automotive and industrial applications. IMIME creates meshes for fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, and structural mechanics and combinations that can exist in multiphysics applications. MIME can respond effectively to the requirements of the problem space: boundary and shear layers which require prismatic mesh layers, wakes which require uniformity in the volume, periodic domains which require mesh periodicity, extrusion meshes for certain, geometrically adaptive refinement to adjust to curvature effects, etc. 

Powerful mesh generation, yet so simple to use.

IMIME is not a CAD package or a CAD cleanup tool but works well with those. MIME's focus is on meshing very complex geometries in a manner that is consistent with the results expected and the underlying physics and in a manner that can be replicated without the need for invoking the GUI every time. IMIME includes Wizards to help simplify the meshing process even further. The Aerospace Wizard can automatically figure out boundary layer meshing by requesting free stream conditions from the user. It can automatically grow prism layers from the appropriate boundary types but leave the mesh coarser in the far field.



IMIME: Syngineered by the Solver People

IMIME is unique in that it was conceived and developed by people who also developed ICFD++. It was designed by the "Solver People" to solve fluid dynamics problems effectively. It was designed from the outset to be easy to learn and easy to apply, not just to simple problems but to very complex problems. It will obey every vertex, every edge, and every face in the geometry, automatically. It was not designed to be a CAD package or a CAD cleanup tool. But it can import discrete geometries (e.g. STL files) along with native models (e.g. Parasolid and ACIS files). ICFD++, ICAA++ and ICSM++ help drive the evolution of MIME in a purpose-driven manner.


Benefits of MIME

  • Eliminates manual, non-value added operations such as geometry clean up, mesh topology generation
  • Great synergy with CFD++: rapid and consistent meshing of complex models with accurate simulation results
  • Very short learning curve. Users can start to create meshes for complicated geometries in a few hours

IMIME Features

2D and 3D Meshing

2D and 3D meshing

Imports geometry from CAD systems

Import geometry from CAD

Prismatic offset meshing

Prims offset meshing for boundary layers.

Quad surface extrusion

Quad surface extrusion

Point based refinement

Point refinement

Volume based refinement

Volume based refinement

Hex core meshing

Hex core meshing


DPW model meshed using IMIME
Launch vehicle platform mesh
Golf ball aerodynamics
Appended Ship Hull with automatic sizing control option, meshed using IMIME
Aerodynamics of golf balls in flight, to achieve distance and accuracy.
Submarine geometry meshes using IMIME with automatic mesh size option
Automatic STL tagging using IMIME
Mesh for flying wing confiduration
Capabilities of IMIME
Mars landing probe